Sweet Revenge Drama

Ho Goo Hee (Kim Hyang Ki, Private Eye) has spent her teen years getting picked on. When you say her full name, it sounds like the word for "loser," HoGu. Her family is poor, so she also has to help out at their chicken shop. Plus, her boyfriend just broke up with her, and the famed "Zombie Club" bullies are not giving her space to breathe. The few kind faces Ho Goo Hee meets in school include Ji Hoon (Park Solomon, Lookout), the local nice guy who tries to help Goo Hee but isn't much for words, and Jung Duk Hee (Kim Hwan Hee, Oh My Ghostess), a dorky fangirl who becomes Ho Goo Hee's only friend. Ho Goo Hee also gets full support from her brother, Ho Goo Jun (Ji Gun Woo, Surprise U), and his best buddy, singer Cha Eun Woo (Cha Eun Woo, My ID is Gangnam Beauty). One day, Ho Goo Hee discovers the seemingly magical "Revenge Note" app, which boasts the promise of delivering revenge to anyone whose name is entered into it. Sick of the bullying, she decides it's time for a little payback. ...
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