Jejoongwon Drama

In this historical medical drama, three people from different backgrounds form an unlikely friendship as they all train to become the first Western medical practitioners in 1885 Korea. Hwang Jung (played by Park Yong Woo) is a butcher's son with no future prospects of improving his position in society. Baek Do Yang (Yeon Jung Hoon) is the son of a nobleman who does not wish to follow his father's footsteps into politics. Yoo Seok Ran (Han Hye Jin) is the intelligent daughter of a translator who wishes to undergo medical training. They become the first students of Jejoongwon, which is the first Western hospital in Korea. As they rise up to become skilled doctors and surgeons, the world around them changes as Korea transitions from the old to the modern under the threat of an increasingly powerful Japan. The drama also features plenty of new foreign stars such as Sean Richard, Ricky Lee Neely, and Catherine Baillie, all of whom play Western doctors teaching at Jejoongwon.
Release Date:
2010 (South Korea)
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