Story of a Man Drama

After the family's small food business goes bankrupt because of an unfavorable news report, irresponsible and unemployed Kim Shin is shocked when his older brother commits suicide, leaving his family debt-riddled. Grief stricken and desperate, Kim Shin threatens on live television the reporter that wrote the article, landing himself directly in jail. Seo Kyung Ah, his girlfriend, leaves him, though secretly taking on his family's debts. While in jail, Kim Shin receives the visit of Cha Eun Soo, a kind hearted woman that apologizes for his brother's death, claiming it was her family's company that drove his brother's out of business. Indeed, Kim Shin soon finds out that her brother, cold blooded business man Cha Do Woo, has barreled over yet another company just to acquire some lands, which starts to fuel Kim Shin's desire for revenge.
Action, Drama, Romance
Release Date:
6 April 2009 (South Korea)
Shooting Location:


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