Angels Revenge Drama

a very young girls trio escapes from a convent to meet boys on a disco. A pretty young nun go after them, entered disguised at disco and when she finds the missed sheep being forced for a boy, she don't hesitates and with a jump, lands her feet over the chest of the poor boy. If i tell you the nun is So Yi Yoon, you can say so what, surely remembering ARAHAN, SHADOWLESS SWORD and so. Less usual could sounds that So Yi don't repeat neither a single kick nor a fist in the 103 chapters. Angel s Revenge instead is a tearful story, with some enjoying characters, the hated Jang Taejong, notorious villain, the grand mother Gong, the nun, Sister Maria, returning to a civil Lee Seonyu, to investigate the murder of her sister, Lee JinYU. Its a touching, sometimes painful enormous movie where almost all the stars do right, but...¿can somebody explain why So Yi begins the movie kicking fine but never ever she defends herself against the frequents attacks ?
Drama, Romance
Release Date:
6 January 2014 (South Korea)
Shooting Location:


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