Densetsu no Yuusha no Densetsu Anime

Also known as The Legend of the Legendary heroes, follows three main characters: A dongo-obsessed female, a peace-crazy half noble, and a lazy nap-taking mage. The mage is the main protagonist, Ryner Lute, who is the bearer of the Alpha Stigma, a mark on the eyes which can take control of it's user forcing them to destroy or "erase" everything until they can gain control again. Ryner struggles with the fact he usually ends up killing anyone he gets close to, and also the fact as bearer of the Alpha Stigma, he is seen as a monster. A childhood friend of his, Sion, wishes for a world of Pearce without spilling an once of blood. To achieve this Sion overworked, worries and stresses much more than he needs to about everything. Ferris is the last of the three main heroes within the anime, and she is constantly eating dongo, beating up Ryner, and slaying enemies with her excellent sword skills. Working together The Swordswoman, Lazy mage and New king try to bring about peace and equalities ...
Action, Adventure, Magic, Fantasy, Shounen
Release Date:
1 July 2010 (Japan)
Shooting Location:


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