Go Go Squid Drama

This is a sweet love story about how a straight-A girl student with high IQ pursues a former prince charming as well as an inspirational story about a hero who comes back to regain dream and friendship. Late at night, Han Shangyan pushed the door and walked into a small Internet café that Tong Nian, a computer wizard and graduate student, watched over for her cousin. The pure and open-minded Tong Nian fell in love with Han Shangyan at first sight. As they met each other more often, Tong Nian became attracted to Han Shangyan's perseverance towards his dream and sense of responsibility towards his team members. In order to win a world championship for China, Han Shangyan had been dedicating himself to his team and competitions for years. Under the influence of Tong Nian's support and understanding, Han Shangyan gradually opened his heart to his old fellows and family members and came to an understanding with them. Inspired by Han, Tong rejoined the school team and participated in ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest. Both Tong and Han engage in the journeys for champions and demonstrate extraordinary talents in different fields.
Drama, Romance
Release Date:
July 9, 2019 (China)
Shooting Location:


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