Ultimate Note 2020 Drama

Wu Xie was born in a family of tomb explorers. He went on many expeditions and saw a lot of unbelievable things. One day, he received some tapes which are about a woman combing her hair. The woman in the tape is Huo Ling who used to work with Wu's their-uncle Wu Sanxing in a archaeological team. The latter refused to tell Wu anything about the expedition years ago. Meanwhile, Ning who is Wu's friend and also a mercenary found Wu and showed him some tapes. Wu was shocked because he saw himself in a room that he has never been in the tapes. Therefore, Wu decided to follow the guidance which he found in the tape he received and find out the truth. What he doesn't know is that he and friends are about to uncover something very dangerous. —Yang Ge
Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Mystery, Thriller
Release Date:
December 10, 2020 (China)
Shooting Location:


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