The Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre Drama

The heavenly sword and the dragon Sabre are the most sort after weapons in the martial arts world. Supposedly whoever wields the dragon Sabre will rule and only the heavenly sword can oppose. Xie Xun acquires the dragon Sabre in order to unlock the secrets so that he will get strong and avenge his family. He 5th hero and the daughter of the Heavenly eagles. On his way to find a quiet place to rest, he gets into a struggle with 5th hero and daughter of the heavenly eagle in the process losing his eyesight and destroying the ship. The 5th hero and daughter of the heavenly eagle float to an island and name it ice-fire island. They eventually get married, one day they meet Xie Xun who is on the verge of death and they save him, eventually they give birth and Xie Xun becomes their sworn brother and the god father of the child (Zhang Wuji). On returning back to the mainland, everyone is looking for the dragon Sabre which is correctly being held by Xie Xun, thus the 5th hero and the daughter of the heavenly eagle are harassed, Zhang Wuji gets kidnapped and poisoned as well. In order to not betray their sworn brother Xie Xun the 5th hero and his wife commit suicide, Zhang Wuji returns just in time to see his family commit suicide. The story revolves around Zhang Wuji's journey and how he eventually becomes thee ultimate and strongest martial artist in the martial art world. —anonymous
Action, Adventure
Release Date:
October 23, 2009 (China)
Shooting Location:


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