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Park Eun Hye, who rose to prominence inJewel in the Palace,Yi San and Taiwanese dramaSilence, brings her usual charm to this compelling daily drama. With strong ratings, Pink Lipstick'sstory of a good woman turned revenge-seeker against her cheating husband was picked up by a television network in Taiwan. It co-stars Park Kwang Hun (The Bean Chaff of My Life) and Lee Joo Hyun, who is probably best known as the charismatic detective inWhen It's at Night. Yoo Ga Eun (played by Park Eun Hye) is the kind of kind-hearted woman that everyone loves. After falling for Park Jung Woo (Lee Joo Hyun), she dates and then marries him. She has a perfect, happy life, especially after they adopt a daughter. One day, however, she discovers that her husband had an affair with her best friend Mi Ran (Seo Yoo Jung), and that her adopted daughter is the product of that liason. Shaken to the core, Ga Eun sets out on a course that proves that even nice women, when betrayed, can enact justice on those who hurt them. Leaving Jung Woo and taking her life in her own hands, she marries wealthy businessman Maeng Ho Geol as part of a carefully-constructed revenge plan. When a man named Ha Jae Bum (Park Kwang Hyun) unexpectedly enters her life, he may be just the one to offer her the love that her husband didn't - but can she learn to trust again? And when Jae Bum promises to support her no matter what, will she have to sacrifice him to gain revenge? Meanwhile, her ex-husband and scheming best friend discover that the woman they always took for granted has more to her than meets the eye...
Romance, Drama, Melodrama
Release Date:
January 11, 2010 (South Korea)
Shooting Location:


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